Strategical collaborators

FEX. synergies

FEX. FEX. does not compete with existing support agents, but complements them and must facilitate access by companies to them. FEX. Development of synergies with these agents through the establishment of a collaboration network, which allows a more complete coverage and adjusted to the needs of the industry and provides a closer access point

Access to existing capacities

Improve the use of the capacities of existing agents

Making their capabilities and potential support more visible towards bolted connections

Channeling and facilitating the dialogue with companies of bolted joints

Achieving greater involvement and more specific treatment of the needs and interests of bolted unions by these agents
of unions by these agents

Complete and specialize existing offer

Complement or reinforce the service towards bolted joints with own capabilities

In areas where the agents’ offer is weakest

Covering activities and services very tailored to the needs and characteristics of the industry

Technological collaborators

Foundational collaborators